“I'd like to take the opportunity to acknowledge a superb performance last night. The standard and quality were of the highest order. We were blown away.”

“Cracking job and that's coming from a guitarist that spent eight years in a floyd tribute band I must have played that solo well over a thousand times”

“A big thank you to Mimik Floyd at Chinnerys last Saturday night. Truly great evening - enjoyed every note! Comfortably numb was superb. Can't wait for next time !”

“What an absolutely amazing evening.

Just closing your eyes you feel like you're back there in 1973 when Dark Side first came out”

"Can I just say, I go all over the country with this stage and I've seen enough Oasis tribute bands to last a lifetime but this is something special. Songs that are really complex - you've got to be amazing musicians to do it! Thanks"

“I was there. I must admit having seen a few tribute bands I wasn't expecting anything wrong I was, it was one of the best.
I'd urge any Floyd fan to check them out”

“Hi guys. Great performance at Chinnerys last night.

I did a video here of Comfortably Numb (up until my arm fell off!)"

"Very obvious that a lot of dedication and hard work by these fine musicians has gone into this show. They set themselves high standards and they achieve them.

 Full programme of classic Floyd material. Go and see the show - you will not be disappointed!"

"Well Worth Seeing ! If your a Pink Floyd fan

I wont go on.. But if your a Floyd lover YOU must go see these guys...Fantastic band and people to boot..."